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Dollarship is a mobile loyalty platform awarding scholarships, student debt relief, and 529 Plan savings, every week, through in-store engagement with our retail, restaurant & brand partners.


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This burden affects 44 million Americans and encompasses almost $1.4 trillion with no end in sight

America's student loan debt grows $2,726 every second, a ticking time bomb for you and the economy

In 2016, the average student debt racked up by seniors was $37,172, up 6% from 2015

Us here at Dollarship are right there with you, part of the 44 million people dealing with this burden first hand and decided to do something about it.


We are forming a coalition of partners that care about this issue just as much as us, and we will work together to fulfill our mission.


And now a word from our Dollarship Spokespuppet - Professor Hans Von Puppet

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