Reach life's milestones, unshackled from student debt.

Dollarship is a rewards app that helps you prevent or destroy student debt - simply by shopping at and engaging with your favorite online retailers.

Win scholarships, student debt relief, and 529 Plan Savings through a weekly sweepstakes or pay down school bills, student loans, or fund a 529 Plan savings account all through your Dollarship app!

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Earn Credits for the online shopping you already do.

Purchases at your favorite online retailers, as well as completing Homework assignments, earn you Credits!


Enter our rising, weekly Sweepstakes to win a Dollarship Award.

Redeem 100 Credits for an Entry and watch the Dollarship Prize Pot rise up to a max of $25,000!

Dollarship Awards can be used toward student loans, current tuition or 529 Plan savings!


And win! It's that simple.

We award up to ten winners each week, with Dollarship Awards ranging from $500 to $10,000 - many chances to take home an impactful prize to help you stress less about a college education!

Even better, we give you the option to use your Credits towards linked student loans, 529 Plan account or towards school essentials!

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Users are loving it.

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“Finally a loyalty app that rewards me with something useful. Why put so much time into earning a useless $5 gift card when that does nothing to push the needle for me. Its an app that seems built with me in mind.” 

George - Age 25

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“Shopping with the stores and eating at the restaurants I frequent anyway coupled with the potential of winning money to pay down debt at the same time is so convenient, helpful, and really just a no-brainer!”

Judy - Age 58

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“I love that it partners with stores that I already shop at. I also like that the sweepstakes is every week. The low chance of winning seems counter-balanced by the fact that it is every week.”  

David - Age 33


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It's our mission to make the transition from school to life easy.

We're aiming to help students, parents and the public at large to prevent and ease the burden of student debt.

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