Dollarship provides a light at the end of the tunnel for those at every stage of the student debt epidemic! 


We are hard at work bringing you our solution to this growing problem but to get a taste of what Dollarship is all about, enter our pre-launch Dollarship Sweepstakes to take home a $1,000 Dollarship Award to use towards school, student debt or 529 Plan savings!


How Dollarship Works


Earn Credits for the online shopping you already do.

Purchases at your favorite online retailers, as well as completing Homework assignments, earn you Credits!

We are partnering with some of your favorite brands, ready to help you fight student debt from day 1 on launch!


Enter our rising, weekly Sweepstakes to win a Dollarship Award.

Redeem 100 Credits for an Entry and watch the Dollarship Prize Pot rise up to a max of $25,000!

Or choose to accumulate your Credits to pay down a linked student loan, fund a linked 529 Plan or towards school essentials!



Dollarship Awards can be used toward student loans, current tuition or 529 Plan savings!

We award up to 10 winners each week, with Dollarship Awards ranging from $500 to $10,000 - many chances to take home an impactful prize to help you stress less about a college education!