Dollarship's mission is to ease the burden of student debt by offering a solution that works for you when you are just living your life and shopping for what you need. 


We are right there with you, part of the 45 million people dealing with this burden first hand. In fact, our Founder & CEO, Seth Knoll, has deferred over $60,000 of his student debt because he knew something needed to be done.


Dollarship is built with you and your future in mind.


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Seth Knoll
Co-founder, CEO

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Adam Knoll
Co-founder, CPO

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Eric Jacunski


Key Contributors

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Jeff Francisco
  Lead Engineer   

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Cezary Kubel
Mobile Engineer

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Steven Tso
Mobile Engineer




Eran Hollander
Advisor, Product & Strategy

Bjorn Larsen
Advisor, Rewards & eCommerce

George Bauernfeind
Advisor, Marketing

Mark Smallcombe
Advisor, Engineering

Roj Niyogi
Advisor, Loyalty & Mobile


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