Users are loving it.

Dollarship Illustrations_George.png

“Finally a loyalty app that rewards me with something useful. Why put so much time into earning a useless $5 gift card when that does nothing to push the needle for me. Its an app that seems built with me in mind.” 

George - Age 25

Dollarship Illustrations_Judy.png

“Shopping with the stores and eating at the restaurants I frequent anyway coupled with the potential of winning money to pay down debt at the same time is so convenient, helpful, and really just a no-brainer!”

Judy - Age 58

Dollarship Illustrations_David.png

“I love that it partners with stores that I already shop at. I also like that the sweepstakes is every week. The low chance of winning seems counter-balanced by the fact that it is every week.”  

David - Age 33