Join the Student Debt Revolution.


Dollarship is a rewards app that helps you ease or destroy student debt - by simply shopping and engaging with your favorite online retailers. 

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We have partnered with over 200 of your favorite brands who want to help crush your student debt!



With Dollarship, you can!


SHOP where you normally would, at all your favorites.

When you purchase from your favorite online retailers, or complete special Homework assignments, you earn Dollarship Credits!

Buy what you need, live your life and rack up Credits to use in the only rewards app built with you and your future in mind!


EARN Credits and use them to pay down debt or enter our weekly, rising sweepstakes.

Redeem your Credits for Entries and watch the Dollarship Prize Pot rise up to a max of $25,000!

Or choose to accumulate your Credits to pay down a linked student loan, fund a linked 529 Plan or towards school essentials!


WIN real cash that can be used towards student loans, current tuition or 529 Plan savings!

We award up to 10 winners each week! Our crowd-funded Dollarship Awards range from $500 to $10,000. Why not give it a try?

Dollarship was built to take the stress out of student debt and create life-changing, winning moments. Join our community and sign up today!



Watch our commercial to learn more about how Dollarship works!

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Why We're Doing This

(Because Student Debt Sucks.)